The following guide is an indication of the typical charges that apply to the treatments available at our practice. All treatments and charges are discussed and agreed with patients before any treatment is provided. Where the charges vary from those given below, we will explain the reasons.


Free consultations for Invisalign, Implants, Bonding or Porcelain Veneers

An examination and assessment of oral health needs*

New patient including X-rays £55
Child patient (less than 16 years) £20
All-on -4 Implants Jaw and full denture replacement from £9000 per arch

Preventive treatments

Deep Clean Hygiene £85
Diamond Air Polish (Sparkle Clean) Add On + £30
Fissure sealing £15 per tooth
Gum shield £85
Mouthguard for grinding/clenching £120-£495


We aim to provide amalgam/ mercury free dentistry at Battersea Smiles

White fillings – front teeth from £95
Gold inlay – small/large £395 -£650
Tooth coloured/ white onlay/crown £495
Veneers/ crowns £495- £650 per tooth
Crowns – back teeth £495 to £650
Bridge(s) from £450 per unit

Root fillings*

Incisor £295
Premolar £450
Molar £595


Resin – partial/ full from £450- £995
Metal – one full denture from £550- £1095


Non-surgical/surgical from £125

*Note: radiographs, where needed, are included

Tooth whitening from £199 *special offer

Facial Aesthetics

Botox 1 area £140
2 areas £190
3 areas £235
Dermal Fillers from £235

Dental Implants from £1299 special offer

Teeth Straightening

Six Month smiles from £2995
Invisalign from £1995

Alumier Medical grade Skin Peels from £90

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