Battersea Dental Clinic Guide: 7 Signs You’ve Chosen the Right Dentist

Just because a dentist is educated, trained, and certified doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is a good dentist. To be a good dentist, one must possess a number of additional qualities.

Curious as to what these qualities are? Questioning whether or not you’ve chosen the right Battersea dental clinic? Then keep on reading!

1. Your Dentist Educates You

The fact of the matter is that each trip to the dentist should be a learning experience for you. You shouldn’t just be getting your teeth cleaned or your cavities filled, you should be receiving an education on what these processes entail, and on why they’re important.

Understanding dental processes will help you to make important decisions on your own dental care and well-being. You will be able to better understand what the best course of action is for you.

A dentist who comes into the office, inspects your teeth, jots down some notes, and leaves without so much as 10 words is not a good dentist. Dentists of this kind don’t see their patients as individual human beings, but as tasks to complete throughout the day.

2. Your Dentist Follows Up With You

Another sign that you have a good dentist is if he or she follows up with you after appointments. Though you shouldn’t expect a follow-up call from your dentist after a routine cleaning or inspection, you should expect one after a more serious procedure.

Root canals, cavity fillings, and implants can be long, exhausting procedures. A patient which has been through one of these procedures is prone to feeling not only physical pain but psychological turmoil as well.

A good dentist will call you up after such procedures to ensure that you are in relatively good spirits. A bad dentist, on the other hand, will send you on your way and not even give you a second thought.

3. You Don’t Waste Time in the Waiting Room

It’s rare that you’ll go to a dentist and not have to wait in the waiting room at all. However, if you’re routinely waiting for over 15 minutes after your appointment was supposed to have started, your dentist is not offering you the type of service that you deserve.

In fact, you should never have to wait any more than 5 minutes after your appointment was supposed to have started. Any dentist who makes you wait longer than this has no respect for your precious time.

When you schedule an appointment, you’re making an agreement. By not meeting you at the designated appointment time, your dentist is failing to keep up his or her end of the bargain.

4. Your Dentist Actually Listens

For some of us, the dentist’s office is a frightening place. The prospect of having our teeth drilled, scraped, and prodded at can be scary and intimidating. It’s for this reason that you need a dentist who listens to your comments and concerns.

While a dentist’s main objective is to protect and maintain the health of your teeth and gums, he or she should also aim to protect and maintain your mental health.

Make sure that your dentist makes eye contact with you while you’re speaking. Then, take his or her actions into consideration to ensure that he or she is actually listening to what you’re saying.

A dentist who doesn’t listen to what you’re saying has no respect for you or your comfort. You should discard dentists like this as soon as possible.

5. Your Dentist Treats You Like a Human Being

You’re a human being, not a product on an assembly line. Therefore, your dentist should be treating you like a human being, not a monetary unit to get in and out of the door as quickly as possible.

Though there should obviously be a professional relationship between the dentist and client, there should also be an air of friendship. The more friendly and human you can be with your dentist, the more comfortable you will be discussing problems and concerns.

You should have a dentist who you feel comfortable saying “hi” to outside of appointments. If your dentist makes you feel like a non-factor or a nuisance, it’s time to look elsewhere.

6. Your Dentist Treats Staff With Respect

When you go to the dentist’s office, you’re not only being seen by the dentist but by his or her staff as well. In order for staff members to provide as good of service as possible, they need to feel comfortable in their work environment.

What’s the easiest way to make staff members uncomfortable in their work environment? Being around a dentist who treats them like servants, and nothing more.

Make sure to keep an eye on the relationships between your dentist and his or her dental assistants. If a dentist can’t show a modicum of respect to the people that he or she works with on an everyday basis, it’s highly unlikely that he or she will show any genuine respect to you.

7. Your Dentist Keeps a Clean Facility

One of the biggest signs of a good dentist is a clean facility. If a dentist can’t keep his or her facility clean and hygienic, he or she is probably going to struggle to keep your teeth and gums clean and hygienic.

Think about the way your dentist’s office looks. Are tools neatly organized, or are they scattered about without any regard? Are the walls, floors, and ceilings clean, or are they dirty and stained?

Any respectable dentist would be disgusted by a dirty and unkempt working environment. This is because good dentists know that good hygiene is key to good dental work.

Looking for the Ideal Battersea Dental Clinic?

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