Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments are used to deal with infections in the blood and nerve supply of a tooth. If you’re unfortunate enough to need one, our expert dentists will take every precaution to ensure your treatment goes smoothly.

Dental pulp is the soft tissue in the middle of the tooth. It contains the blood and nerve supply of a tooth. If it becomes infected, due to decay, damage, or a leaky weak filling, then a root canal is needed to correct it.

If not treated, the infection will progress, leading to pain, swelling, and oozing pus. Ultimately, the tooth may need to be removed if the infection isn’t caught early enough.

What’s the treatment process like?

Performing a root canal treatment takes a long time and needs a highly skilled dentist. Luckily, modern dentistry has made the process a lot more comfortable than it used to be. The whole treatment will be conducted under anaesthetic and should not be painful.

The goal of the treatment is to completely remove the infection from the tooth. As it is a complicated treatment, it typically requires at least two visits to the dentist.


  • The infected pulp will be removed, and any abscesses that may have formed will be drained.
  • The root canal must be thoroughly cleaned and shaped, in order to prepare for a filling.
  • A temporary filling and medicine will be placed inside the tooth, then there will be a waiting period of a week or two. This is to ensure the infection heals and causing bacteria is eliminated inside the tooth before sealing.
  • At your second appointment, the final canal filling will be placed and sealed with a filling or crown if the tooth has a large existing cavity.
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