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Teeth straightening using the famous Invisalign system. Clear removable invisible aligners used to move the teeth into alignment with our Battersea Smiles whitening to whiten the teeth at the end. Treatment time 6 months.

Using Invisalign Clear aligners teeth straightening system. Treatment time 6 months.

Using Six month smiles teeth straightening system with clear brackets and wires. Treatment time 7 months.

The midline gap or space was closed with a composite resin simply bonded onto either side of the gap and polished. Completed in 1 day. No drilling or injections needed. A happy Battersea Smiles patient!

  • Teeth straightening with Invisalign Clear aligners in 7 months.
  • The front tooth was previously discoloured. This was internally whitened via a simple procedure of whitening gel placed inside the tooth to lift the colour and improve the appearance.
  •  General teeth whitening with our gentle professional home whitening  kit finished the treatment to improve the colour.

Using our Battersea Smiles professional home whitening kit for 2 weeks. What a difference…..

Using Invisalign clear aligners here at Battersea Smiles to straighten the teeth.  Treatment time 7 months.

  • Using Invisalign clear removable aligners to straighten the teeth.
  • Treatment time 7 months mainly to improve the bite of the teeth. Finishing touches with composite resin to mask discolourations and our Battersea Smiles home whitening Kit.
  • Another happy patient with a new confident smile.

Using our Battersea smiles professional home whitening kit for 2 weeks to improve the colour and give our patient the confident smile she always wanted.

  • Using Invisalign clear aligners for 6 months to straighten the teeth.
  • Finished with our Battersea Smiles professional home whitening kit and composite resin.
  • Another amazing result and a happy smiling confident patient!