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Dental Fillings Treatment in Battersea

What is a dental filling?

Dental fillings are a quick and easy way to treat cavities or ‘hole’ in tooth.  Here at Battersea Smiles we pride ourselves in providing modern high quality dentistry. We provide high quality cosmetic tooth coloured fillings using the well- know composite material for cracked, chipped or decayed teeth.

This allows the filling to seamlessly integrate with your tooth whilst being tooth coloured so no-one will ever know you had a filling!  Gone are the days of the unsightly black/silver mercury containing Amalgam fillings….

If you have these fillings, it is very commonly requested to have these removed either due to cracked, chipped, decay or simply cosmetic improvement.

High power suction is closely used to safely remove the Amalgam filling and mercury vapour. An etchant gel is placed on the tooth to help improve and strengthen the adhesion of the composite material. A thin layer of bonding agent is applied to seal and again strengthen the adhesion.  By shade matching the tooth, we are able to use various shades of composite material to match your natural tooth colour for a close seamless result.

The chosen composite shade is applied in increments and set using a blue wavelength light. Once filled the filling is polished smooth and fits into your natural bite.

one of the most cost effective cosmetic dental procedures. Composite resin can be used in many common situations.  It is a clinically proven , minimally invasive aesthetic treatment which has proved to be successful as well as cost effective.

If you think you may need a filling or would like to discuss how composites may benefit you please contact us or book a consultation online.